Bút Chì 001


Minimum Quantity: 500

You can ensure your clients will remember an upcoming event when you use the Alternative Carpenter Pencil as an invitation. Its rectangular shaped, traditional carpenter pencil, no more sharpening, 18 percent thicker than average lead, professional marking tool  and capability of marking writing will keep the promotional item within eyesight and will generate a favorable memory.

  • Product Size : 16 x 7 x 0 inch
  • Imprint Size : Heat Transfer(Can be reduce or increase)
  • Imprint Method : 16 x 7 x 0 inch
  • Packing Method : Bulk Packing
  • Features : Rectangular Shaped, Traditional Carpenter Pencil, No More Sharpening, 18 Percent Thicker Than Average Lead, Professional Marking Tool 
  • Material : Wood